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PLUS: fiber-packed fruit such as raspberries for dessert. DINNER: Pick a cup of a whole grain + 3 ounces lean meat + Unlimited non-starchy veggies or cup of beans. Only eat ancient grains, like quinoa, spelt, farro or millet no white starches like white rice or simple carbohydrates like potatoes.Your body will break down and absorb ancient grains more slowly than white flours, which are rapidly converted to sugar, says Dr. Oz. TIPS Ditch processed foods, sugar, booze and diet soda Diet soda may have zero calories, but when you drink it, your taste buds continue to crave sweets, and that can lead to overeating, says Dr. Oz. Best to wean your taste buds off overly sweet things. Fast for 12 hours a day Have a 12-hour fast window between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. When you give your body a block of time to calm down from the food you put in it 12 hours is probably enough it allows you to reset to your fat-burning baseline, says the doctor.

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